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«Complect Ecology» is the parent enterprise of the ecological group of companies. Complect Ecology specializes on complex management of projects in housing, communal services and industrial sector. Technical decisions of Group are based on experience of own Engineering Center and the Industrial Enterprise focused on serial release of the engineering equipment. Research and experimental-technological works are carried out by our Group more than 10 years.

The basic directions of activity:

  • Development of the general scheme of systems of water supply and water removal of municipal economy;
  • Construction of plumbing and sanitary treatment plants with capacity up to 500 m3/day;
  • Reconstruction, technical reequipment, technology intensification of operating objects;
  • Membrane technologies. Ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, return osmosis (membrane blocks and complete plants of a thin filtration);
  • Water preparation. Non-reagent water treatment from underground and superficial water sources. Clarification, discoloration, deironing, softening, improvement of organoleptic properties of water, disinfecting. Removal of the big spectrum of toxic compounds;
  • Local treatment of municipal wastewater. Plant of full factory readiness of modular type, capacity from 10 up to 10 000 m3/day;
  • Storm and industrial wastewater treatment;
  • Ecological projects of oil-and-gas industry. Treatment of oil-contaminated wastewater, strata water, oil reservoirs, oil slime reservoirs;
  • Engineering equipment.

The Group of Companies has its own production basis and is the author and the proprietor of all technical solutions. Our plants provide for wastewater treatment to the highest world standards, are certified, automatically managed and durable (stainless steel and glass-reinforced plastic are used).

«Complect Ecology» as a manufacturing and engineering Group of Companies renders competent assistance connected with complex (turnkey) management of all projects stages and also does the technical designing with development of a technological part (technological schemes, an explanatory note, a completeness, the specification, plans, cuts, the bases design task, tasks to adjacent specialties) with delivery to local project institutes for a binding and the joint coordination in supervising bodies.

Our customers are Defense Ministry of Russian Federation, Central Bank of Russian Federation, Federal Service of Special Construction of Russian Federation, Social Insurance Fund of Russian Federation, Atomic Energy Ministry of Russian Federation, Defense Ministry of the USA, «ALROSA» Diamond Company, «GAZPROM», «LUKOIL», «TNK-BP», «YUKOS», «TRANSNEFT», «Sibneft», «Itera-Holding», «BASHNEFT», «ROSNEFT», Salym Petroleum Development, «Surgutneftegas», «TRANSNEFTEPRODUCT».

Nowadays our company works with representatives of regional and municipal authorities, and also with a number of large city-forming companies (in the Russian Federation and the CIS) on providing cities and settlements with plants of «Complect Ecology» under programs of development/reequipment.

Also «Complect Ecology» takes part in realization of large projects of decade, such as «Bureysk Hydroelectric Power Station», «Sakhalin-1», «Sakhalin-2», «Novorossiysk port» and others.

The Group of companies possesses more than 60 diplomas from the biggest Russian exhibitions such as «ECWATECH» (Moscow), «AQUA-TERM» (Moscow), «Great Rivers» (Nizhniy Novgorod), «Pure Water» (Yekaterinburg) and others.

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