Modular municipal wastewater treatment plans
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Modular municipal wastewater treatment plans


  • Nowadays the following problems are actual in the field of water treatment:
  • Organic matters treatment effectiveness increase;
  • Excess sludge mass reduction;
  • Construction and maintenance expenses reduction;
  • Reuse of the treated water.


Treatment Efficiency Concentration in the treated water
Suspended solids <3 Mg/l
BOD <3 Mg/l
NH4 — N <0,4 Mg/l
N03 — N <9,1 Mg/l

For clearing municipal and similar sewage «Complete Ecology» produces Plants and Stations of full factory readiness both in submerged, and in container type, capacity from 10 м3/day up to 10000 м3/day. The technology is developed specially under strict environmental requirements, accommodation and operation in a zone of strict sanitary protection and allows reaching following parameters of treatment.

Industrial modifications:

  • Northern variant up to - 55°C;
  • For moderate climate;
  • For seismic active regions.


In comparison with widely known technologies, such as A20, 2A20, UCT, VIP, Bardenfo, «Complete Ecology» technologies have following advantages at the same capacity and loading:

  • high treatment effect;
  • absence of sludge drying beds (a minimum quantity of sand);
  • complete biological self-regulation;
  • high stability of biocenose at peak loadings and fluctuations;
  • reduction of construction area;
  • treatment cost saving;
  • essential reduction of maintenance time and necessity of qualified personnel attraction;
  • reuse of the treated water;
  • possibility for expansion;
  • absence of odor and noise.


Treatment process takes place in aerated tanks on account of fixed biocenose developing on special plastic loading. Multistage process allows treating the effluent with high load on sludge on the first steps to low load on the final steps. Specificity of the conditions allows the processes of nitrification and denitrification proceed simultaneously. Due to balance between bacteria development and metazoan growth our stations and plants work with minimal sludge increase that excludes sludge drying beds construction. Automatic maintenance of optimal aerobic conditions at each stage, and also maintenance of fermentation allows treating the effluent with full mineralization of organic substances and the minimal expenses of the electric power. The high treatment efficiency as well as complete biological disinfection of effluent allows using the treated water for watering technical and other needs.

The logic of natural process is simple and clear, high skilled maintenance is not necessary. All equipment works in the automatic mode. Accessories and materials are durable; they do not demand replacement and repair.

Container type plants and stations provide for stable operation in northlands and seismic active regions.


Settlements, cottages, hotels, hospitals, public catering establishments and consumer services.

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