Non-reagent water preparation plant
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Ecological Group of Companies "Complect Ecology" / Non-reagent water preparation plant

Non-reagent water preparation plant

Ecological group of companies «Complect Ecology» carries out all complex of works:

  • complex management of the project;
  • engineering researches and skilled-research works;
  • development of concrete technological schemes of water treating;
  • designing;
  • complete set and delivery;
  • assembly and erection works;
  • starting-up and adjustment works;
  • personnel training;
  • service maintenance.

The brief technology description:

Non-reagent water preparation plant is intended for the decision of questions of water preparation for drinking purpose according to SANR & S (SanPin) requirements «Drinking water. Hygienic requirements to water quality of drinking water supply centralized systems. Quality control.». Plant is developed by a modular principle that allows to adapt it for concrete conditions and Customer’s requirements easily. The applied technology includes clarification, discoloration, deep treatment of iron, manganese, other toxic substances, and also fluoridation, softening, improvement of water organoleptic properties and disinfecting. The individual complex treatment method and selection of modern power-saving and small-sized equipment is incorporated in the basis of all technological decisions. The high degree of treatment and stable quality of drinking water is reached due to an intensification of water preparation process by non-reagent way (filter cycle increases up to several months) with the use of highly effective natural catalytic material. Application of catalytic loadings allows carrying out clarification, discoloration and deironing of the water in one plant simultaneously. All used filter materials are chemically steady and biologically inert, do not contain and do not allocate any biologically active components in a filtrate. Plant is adapted for water preparation from practically any fresh-water reservoirs, the artesian wells, and the decentralized systems of water supply.

Maximum permissible concentration in input water:
Coloration – 300 degrees
Water turbidity – 150 mg/l
Iron – 15 mg/l
Manganese – 2 mg/l
Hydrogen sulphide – 15 mg/l
Water hardness – 7 mg/l

Technological stages of water treatment:
Pretreatment from coarsely dispersed admixtures
aeration, ozonization
filtering through catalytic loading
adsorption on active coals
disinfecting by a UF-irradiation

The brief technology description of water preparation of drinking purpose in non-reagent way

      The plant equipment is produced out of the modern materials counted for long term of operation – not less than 10 years. At Customer’s request it is possible to produce the basic process equipment out of stainless steel. At Customer’s request the plant can be produced in container type.

The technical container is projected on the base of climatic conditions of operation. The plant with productivity from 30 up to 150 м3/day can be produced in container type. The plants with capacity more than 150 м3/day are to be installed in quick-erected buildings.

The basic advantages of non-reagent technology over typical:

  • Absolute absence of toxic waste in the environment (ecologically pure technology;
  • Absence of chemical reagents at water preparation and accordingly absence of reagent facilities and warehouses;
  • The superlong interregenerating periods (3 months and more);
  • Significant decrease of operational costs and reduction of an industrial area;
  • Improvement of working conditions (absence of a toxic sour dust from coagulants with high concentration in the industrial
  • environment).
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