Industrial wastewater treatment
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Industrial wastewater treatment

The plants and stations are meant to treat industrial wastewater of food manufacturing establishment, which effluents are characterized by high concentration of organic contaminants. Taking into consideration high concentration of biocontaminants and presence of mater- antagonists of biological treatment process in the effluent, the technology is based on two latest solutions, developed by Russian scientists.


  • milk processing manufacturers;
  • meat processing manufacturers;
  • beer and beverages manufacturers;
  • alcohol manufacturers;
  • starch and treacle manufacturers;
  • sugar manufacturers;
  • confectionery manufacturers.

Treatment features:

The capacity of technological equipment depends on wastewater flow rate, contaminants concentration and required treatment level. Variants of equipment packaging and the efficiency of technological scheme operation are determined by customer’s wish.

Concerning treatment the following schemes can be applied:

Pretreatment Up to the requirements for discharge into municipal sewer system
COD < 440 mg/l
BOD n < 300 mg/l
S.S. < 260 mg/l

Complete biological treatment Up to requirements of controlling authority
COD < 30 mg/l
BOD < 15 mg/l
S.S. < 15 mg/l
NH4->N < 1.5 mg/l

Deep biological treatment
Up to parameters for discharge into the
reservoir of drinking purpose
COD < 15 mg/l
BOD < 3 mg/l
S.S. < 3 mg/l
NH4 - N ≤ 0.4 mg/l
NO3 - N < 9,1 mg/l

The application of scientific achievements and field experience allows to improve industrial enterprises’ drain system with maximal economic effect. Module type allows to enlarge the total capacity stepwise.

Principal technological scheme:

Technological process.


On the first stage the compact and energy efficient unit of physical-chemical pretreatment is used. The separation of fine-dyspersated organic matters takes place owing to the process of contamination destruction. The action of the unit is based on the process of flotation filtration with simultaneous change of the dissolved matters structure, but (unlike similar offerings) it needs neither use of reagents nor large area for equipment installation. The simplicity of structural solution allows to reach the normal operating mode in short term, and the equipment does not need constant presence of maintenance staff. This equipment allows to decrease the contamination concentration by 70-95% on the stage of preliminary treatment and to reach the parameters of effluent, permissible for urban collecting channel.

Complete/deep biological treatment:

On the stage of full biological treatment the intensified technologies of biological treatment are used. The unique technological solutions are based on the use of fixed biocenose on the special carriers, which, owing to balance between growth of bacterial sludge and protozoa, operate with minimal increase of excess sludge.

The suggested technology has following basic advantages:

  • high intensity of processes;
  • resistance of biocenose to extreme situations (irregularity of loading, temperatures, pH, electricity, etc.);
  • axe of excess active sludge increase;
  • the minimal expenses for sediment and sludge utilization (no sludge and sand beds);
  • reduction (2 times) consumed electricity;
  • possibility for expansion;
  • high-quality production, integration and durability;
  • compactness;
  • recoupment of capital investments in short time;
  • extraction of valuable substances in order to get a commercial product.
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