Recostruction of wastewater faculities
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Ecological Group of Companies "Complect Ecology" / Recostruction of wastewater faculities

Recostruction of wastewater faculities

At wastewater facilities construction the combination of research activity results and practical realization experience is the principal basis.

The basic criterion of the company is the intensive technologies and the international recognition.

The basic requirements to reconstruction projects:

  • opportunity of stage-by-stage carrying out of reconstruction;
  • reduction of capital investment;
  • reduction of maintenance costs;
  • maximal use of existing constructions volumes;
  • increase of treatment efficiency, including biogenic elements (N, P);
  • increase of sustainability and reliability of technological processes and equipment.

Reconstruction of mechanical treatment constructions:

  • fine-mesh bar screen;
  • dewatering and pressing of garbage;
  • grit chamber with sand dewatering;
  • washing of sand;
  • module execution and in the existing capacities.

Advantages: increase of reliability of the subsequent technological processes, significant reduction of excess activated sludge at clarification, reduction of necessary productivity of constructions on deposit processing, reduction of the sand bed’s area, maintenance of normative sanitary conditions on a wastewater facility area.

Reconstruction of primary and secondary sediment bowls:

  • Additional equipment of existing sediment bowls with thin film modules;
  • Equipping of existing sediment bowls by filtration screens.

Advantages: increase of productivity and treatment efficiency.

Aerotank reconstruction:

  • introduction of various schemes of nitridenitrification, defosfation;
  • application of special loading for development steady biocenose of the fixed microflora adapted for a concrete phase of water treatment and local conditions.

Advantages: Intensification of biochemical processes, the minimal gain of excess active sludge due to consecutive use of trophic mutual relations, minimization of expenses for sediment recycling, increase of biocenose stability towards extreme situations (irregularity of load, temperature, pH, rH, energy consumption, etc.), increase of treatment efficiency, including bacterial pollution, increase of technological processes reliability.

Reconstruction of aeration systems:

  • Use of various types of fine-bubble aeration including local aeration by submerged aerator mixers (with automatic maintenance of optimum pH, rH, O2 in each zone of aeration tank).

Advantages: Replacement of traditional blowers, reduction of operational costs in blowing system, an opportunity of automatic control of oxidation-reduction processes, no need for construction of additional buildings for blowers with ventilation and heating.

Aerotank loading «Unibiol»:

  • polymeric loading for the fixed microflora;
  • the area of a specific surface is 420 м2/м3 of the loading.

Effect of application: an intensification of processes of biological treatment, simultaneity of oxidation-reduction processes, stability of biochemical processes towards peak loadings, the minimal increase of floating and excess sludge.

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